Putting the Town of Mariehamn on the digital map

Mariehamn is a charming island capital located on the Ålands Islands. Due to the island’s central location in the Baltic sea,  Mariehamn can easily be reached from both Finland and Sweden. Mariehamn is the center of commerce, politics, and industry, and during the summer months, the town buzzes with tourists visiting from near and far. 

By cleaning up and making sure that all information across Google Maps & Search is correct and up to date, the Town of Mariehamn provides locals and visitors with easily accessible information about, for example, the librarys opening hours, directions to the local playgrounds, or special arrangements due to the pandemic. All this information easily accessible across multiple devices. 


The right information on Google Maps and Search

 The Town of Mariehamn partnered up with Mobal to build up a presence on Google Maps and Search. This included claiming, getting access to, building, and optimizing a number of selected listings. 

When the world opens up again – make sure tourists find their way around

The need for correct information regarding safety, opening hours, and recommendations has never been as important as it is now. Opening hours are changing faster than ever, special hours are put in for people in risk groups and the safety requirements in public spaces are constantly changing.

With the help of Google My Business, it is possible to update all profiles with the correct information and thereby also build trust and transparency in these challenging times. With the help of Google My Business, it is for example easy to announce special arrangements at sports facilities to make the visit as safe as possible. 

Mariehamn is a popular tourist destination due to its unique location in the archipelago, its culinary scene, and old maritime history. Google Maps is usually your best friend when visiting a new place. 

Google Maps is a smooth guide for when you are in need of directions to the local beach or want to know when the local swimming pool is open. Once the world opens up people will need to find their way around again.

Visitors are today looking for information and inspiration online before visiting a new place. By making sure all information is correct on Google, you´ll not only make the physical visit much more pleasant but also make sure their digital journey is as enjoyable as possible. 

Stay up to date with what the locals think 

By keeping an eye on the reviews of various locations, the Town of Mariehamn now has the possibility to better understand what the locals and visitors like or if there is anything that needs improved at a specific location. 

A coherent identity on Google 

People are today expecting to find correct and updated information online. With the help of Google My Business,  Mariehamn can reach out to locals and tourists faster than ever and provide them with the correct information in just a few clicks. Towns, like Mariehamn, can now through Google my Business reflect their identity in a more extensive and coherent way on Google.

Remember, every touchpoint that the visitor experiences online, will shape the perception he or she has of the place. 

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