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Search interest in local shops and businesses hit a record high last year. When people search locally, the first thing they see on Google is a list of nearby business profiles– not websites anymore. In order to be found and chosen for local searches, your Google my Business profile needs to be in excellent shape and standout. Businesses who carefully manage their business profile, take advantage of the robust features it offers, and serve customers proactively there, will be the ones who attract the most customers.

Google knows what people are looking for serves the information directly- faster than your website can. This means people can now click to call a business, get directions, read reviews, make enquiries, see offers, explore products and more, all without leaving Google. 

Building and maintaining a strong and dynamic business profile in Google is now more important and demanding than ever.
– To save time
– To improve customer experience
– To attract new customers
– So more people find and choose your business
Yes absolutely. Google My Business is a free service by Google and many businesses decide to set it up and manage it themselves. And for the busy entrepreneurs and business managers who lack the time to build and manage an active profile, can still get the full benefits of Google My Business by partnering with us.
Yes, and they probably already have. Google relies on the online community to gather relevant information about businesses around the world. Anyone can suggest an edit to information such as opening hours, leave a review, upload images and more without you knowing. This leaves unattended business vulnerable to misinformation that inconveniences customers and harms the business’ reputation. Many companies are unaware of negative reviews, unhappy customer questions, and incorrect information such as location, opening hours, and more. 

Recent studies have found 80% of consumers lose trust in local businesses if they see incorrect or inconsistent contact details or business names. And 60% of consumers have said they would stop using a local business if they found incorrect information in online directories.

Monitoring and actively managing your business profile on Google is super important to protect your business and grow a great reputation.

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It will most likely be an automatically generated one based on whatever Google could find about your business online, so it may not be in great shape. You can head to Google and type in your business name to take a look.
To see how many people have viewed your business page the business page needs to be claimed and verified. You can do this yourself or get in touch with us to help.
Think about Google My Business more like a business page or profile, a bit like a business page on Facebook, but one that appears right where people search. They can explore your business at lightning speed without leaving Google. Let’s face it, no one goes to Facebook or Instagram when they’re hungry looking for lunch or in a hurry to get a haircut?
That’s a great question. In most cases you probably do still need a website. Yet it’s important to ensure the purpose of your website is clear and not overlapping with Google my business. Your website should offer customers something more than your Google my business profile. If your website is a fairly basic one, there’s actually a possibility of launching a new website with Google my business that will likely be much more affordable than your current solution. Feel free to talk to us to learn more about how Google my business could replace your website.

Our service

We only manage websites which are made with Google my business. Talk to us to learn more about replacing your website with Google my business.
We do not manage Facebook, Twitter or other social media accounts for our customers. Our focus is entirely on Google My Business. This enables us to operate with immense focus that results in super competitive efficiency and pricing.
Google my business is a commitment, not a one-time campaign. It’s common for businesses to get excited about the page in the short term, but forget about it in the long run. When that happens things start to deteriorate and the benefits fade. In order to take advantage of the benefits of Google my business, it’s essential to continue to be proactive. In practice here’s 10 daily and weekly tasks that are essential a successful GMB strategy:

1. Reviewing page updates by Google
2. Responding to customer queries 
3. Monitoring and managing reviews
4. Regularly posting updates
5. Posting offers and events
6. Uploading new photos (e.g. products, interior, team, events, menu)
7. Adding products (possible to directly link with online shop)
8. Enabling new features
9. Reviewing edits to business information by users
10. Monthly Mobal report

Google favours business profiles that are active and have happy customers. Good data and proactive management is key to succeeding with Google my business. Many businesses committed to learning how to master Google my business and do this themselves do, which is awesome. Still, we’re here for those who want more time to focus on their core business operations and leave this to the experts who can do it super efficiently.
Our goal is to be as programmatic as possible. By reading our report, the customer is able to cross-reference Google My Business data to their sales numbers.

Customer service

Absolutely. Please get in touch with us and we’ll be glad to share much more.


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