Improve your Google My Business-profile ranking by tracking your profile’s organic performance metrics

What device are you usually on when you are on the go and looking for a local service-provider? The answer is of course on your mobile device. One of the most recent developments in Google My Business, is the new performance tracking that offers an improved breakdown of how organic search performance has impacted your business. 

Among the improvements is the possibility of tracking performance within a timeframe from up to 6 months prior to the current date. This gives you great insight on which timeperiods have been critical for the growth of your business. 

Another big improvement with the new performance report, is that you are now able to review your profile’s unique viewers in smaller detail. The improved report gives you a breakdown of how many viewers searched for your business on a mobile device or desktop, and whether they came from Google Search or Google Maps. 

The importance of providing customers with a mobile-friendly user-experience 

By getting accustomed to the data coming from the new performance report, you are able to pinpoint which amenities of your profile need to be optimized and where your visitors usually are when searching for your business. If the majority of your views come from people on mobile devices, it means that they are doing a local search of which service providers are nearest to them. 

With a Google My Business profile that is actively updated, your customers are more likely to find you and visit your business when they are familiar with your services already beforehand.

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