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Search results are increasingly driven by hyper-localized factors, one of these being the proximity of the searcher to the business. More and more, consumers are searching for local options. Consequently, if your business is not showing up in local search results, you are most likely missing out on your most important source of traffic. Setting up and optimizing your Google My Business listing is your first step towards local search success. An improved local presence will not only help you succeed with SEO but also with your overall web traffic, leads, and in the end, sales. 

Google My Business and the automotive industry

The consumer journey behind buying a car involves a lot of research and therefore also a lot more interaction with the business online. According to a study by BrightLocal, car dealerships dominate the discovery searches on Google. The average Search and Map views of car dealerships even exceed the views of restaurants.

Auto Nordic is a vehicle import company located in Tuusula, Helsinki. With more than eight years of experience in used car sales and vehicle modification, Auto Nordic are experts within the automotive industry. They proudly provide their customers with the right advice and equipment, all at a great price.

With Google My Business, Auto Nordic can retain a consistent, seamless, and high-quality interaction with their customers online. By also retaining a seamless interaction with their customers on social media, on the phone, and in-store, Auto Nordic holds a strong omnichannel approach. 


  • Appear in Google Search and Maps listings and improve visibility and ensure that new customers find their car dealership
  • Build a strong local reputation, to reflect a focus on trust and community
  • Demonstrate business credentials and show they are as professional as other rivals 


  • Actively manage and optimize their Google My Business profile to ramp up visibility on Search & Maps. 
  • Add relevant offers, posts, and pictures of their wide selection of cars. 
  • Encouraged customers to share their experience via reviews and ratings 

Auto Nordic signed up with Mobal and activated their Google My Business listing to increase visibility on Search & Maps. The listing was built up and optimized, to begin with, and has since then been actively managed every week. The profile has been updated with fresh pictures, posts, and offers on a regular basis and every review has been answered to build trust and credibility among customers. 

1000 more views per month with an actively managed profile. 

Auto Nordic has soon been using Google My Business for a year. From the previous 6 months, Auto Nordic has already received an average of 5080 views per month, which is 1000 more views per month than 6 months ago. Also, an average of over 800 actions is being taken in their profile every month, being direction requests, calls, and website visits.

Images are tremendously influential and important to your business looking good online. 

As a result of an active photo strategy, Auto Nordic receives 542% more photo views than similar businesses.

While reviews have been a key in establishing a strong reputation online and converting browsers to buyers, photos and posts in the Google My Business profile have been a valuable way of showing potential customers their offering.

In fact, around 60% of consumers say that local search results that have good quality pictures push them towards a purchase decision. By posting photos of their selection of cars, customers can easily browse through their selection and present their business in the best possible way. Also, the post feature helps Auto Nordic generate up-to-date content and offerings and thereby keep their users engaged. 

Now, before the customer even has set foot in their physical store, an extensive album of photos makes the all-important first impression for the customer.

The automotive industry is characterized by infrequent purchases, spread out competition, and high-cost inventory making the customer journey different and more complex than in other industries. Customers are researching, comparing, and evaluating products thoroughly before a decision is made, making it extremely important that every touchpoint along the way provides a seamless experience.

Mobal is the first Helsinki-born startup purely focused on helping local businesses grow with Google. We are a creative, curious, and committed team, with expertise in digital marketing and strategy. We believe in sharing what we know and love in a meaningful and measurable way.

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