300% increase in new customers – by making our client shine on Google!

Google -profiles are extremely powerful sources for acquiring new customers. Why? Because it is basically a mini-website that gets more views and is way faster than your actual website. We want to tell you a story from one of our customers that hopefully sheds some light on how effective Google -profiles (A.k.a. Google My Business -pages) actually can be and why.

One of our first customers was a small private clinic outside of Helsinki that had been relying on their old customers for a very long time. Their presence online was almost non-existing and their Google -profile looked like they weren’t a serious business at all. They didn’t know it’s what a lot of people were seeing when searching for places like theirs. At the same time, their doctors are among the most respected professionals in the field. Their Google -profile did not reflect this at all and sent customers away. We wanted to help them fix that.

Silmätalo Porvoo Google my Business
Silmätalo Porvoo Google Business Page managed by Mobal

In matter of weeks, we built a new professional and high converting Google -profile for them. We rebuilt their image and profile on Google into a high converting Google marketing channel to attract a new stream of new customers. We fixed all of their information in order, added them to the right categories and added high quality content to their profile to showcase their services and team of doctors. In the second month, we increased the views on Maps by 70 % and increased their amount of new customers by 300%– all organically. Why? We made their Google My Business -profile stand out from the competition and become an easy choice for a person looking for such services nearby.

Small companies are struggling to compete with larger companies in both marketing budget and knowledge. The most saturated marketing channels are becoming too expensive for small companies to get any meaningful visibility on. Google My Business is the place for small companies to equally stand out from large competitors as it’s just a matter of applying the latest insights and putting in the time and effort, and oh so effective.

The business is Silmätalo Porvoo and you can see visit their Google business profile here. If you’re a local business like Silmätalo Porvoo and would like us to do the same for you, let’s talk.

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